Today (21st) morning, 52 additional cases of domestic coronavirus infection-19 (corona 19) occurred.

The number of domestic confirmations increased to 156.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters reported that 52 patients with Corona19 as of 9 am today had more than 4 pm yesterday's total.

Of the 52 new cases, 41 occurred in Daegu and Gyeongbuk.

In Seoul, three people, two Gyeongnam, one Chungnam, one Chungbuk, one Gyeonggi, one Jeonbuk, one Jeju, and one Gwangju were confirmed.

Among the 52 new patients, a total of 39 people were involved in the Shincheon Daegu Church.

There are 33 new candidates related to Shincheonji nationwide, including Daegu 33, Gyeongbuk 2, Gyeongnam 2, Chungbuk 1 and Gwangju.

One more Qingdao University Hospital was confirmed.

As a result, the number of patients in Daegu and Gyeongbuk has increased to 111, including 70 confirmed yesterday.

The number of confirmed Shincheon Daegu churches increased from 43 to 82 by yesterday.

A total of 16 confirmed Qingdao University Hospitals, 5 of whom were identified as nurses.

More than 14,000 people were diagnosed with Corona19.

A total of 14,660 people were diagnosed up to date, except for those who were diagnosed. Of those, 11,953 were negative.

The remaining 2,707 people are undergoing testing.