• Taxes. The Government now cuts 20% its collection forecast for the 'Google rate'
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" The more you delay its entry into force, the lower the collection, " and "if the Google rate takes effect in December as published, there is a risk that the revenue will be virtually nil ." In this way, the Independent Authority of Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) has warned on Wednesday that there is an obvious and notable risk that the collection of the two new taxes, which the Government approved yesterday, will be greatly reduced this year.

During his first speech after, also on Tuesday, he was proposed by the Executive to chair the AIReF, Cristina Herrero has stressed that "of course" that the collection will be conditioned by the date on which the two new figures come into force . This is a warning that the same body already made when the government tried to move forward the two figures last year, and now recalls Blacksmith.

Precisely along with that warning, the Authority then chaired by the current Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, warned that the collection of 1,200 million estimated by the Government was erroneous, inflated. And he pointed out that, at best, the annual income would amount to 968 million, which is exactly the figure to which the Treasury yesterday reduced the annual impact of the tax on certain digital services.

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Taxes The Government now cuts its 20% collection forecast for the 'Google rate'