Projections surrounding the Corona 19 virus particles, magnified by an electron microscope

The first ever microscopic picture of a corona 19 (COVID-19) virus can be seen in Korea.

According to the latest issue of JKMS, an international journal, Professor Park Wan-bum and Oh Myung-don of Seoul National University Hospital have isolated the virus from the first patient (35 years old, woman of Chinese nationality) confirmed as corona 19 after entering Korea in Wuhan, China. Incubated and succeeded in electron microscopy.

The bio company Macrogen (CEO Yang, Baek-Seok) identified the full-length genome through next-generation sequencing (NGS) for isolated viruses.
In their paper, the researchers said, "It's 99.7% consistent with China's corona 19, but there are nine genetic variations."

However, the team's position is that further research is needed on the scientific meaning of genetic variation.

Professor Oh Myung-don said, "Isolation and securing of the causative virus is an essential process for the diagnosis, treatment and vaccine development of this disease when a new viral disease is prevalent." The acquisition of 'Corona19 isolate' will contribute to the research that identifies this virus. Will be able. "

(Photo: Seoul National University Hospital, Infectious Medicine, Yonhap News)