Meet conservative voters on the streets of Tehran

In the Tajrish bazaar, in Tehran (illustration image). Vahid Salemi / AP

Text by: Oriane Verdier

Voting is a "religious duty," said the Iranian supreme guide. He invited the population to mobilize for the legislative elections on Friday. Many of the reform candidates have been disqualified and many expect an unprecedented rate of abstention. Today only the most loyal conservatives seem determined to go to the polls.


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From our special correspondent in Tehran,

Marzieh holds a long shimmering chador closed under his chin. She approaches the subject of the legislative elections on Friday with a serene smile: " It is the destiny of our country which is at stake and our legitimate right. We want to take advantage of it and choose our representatives. We will follow the criteria of the Supreme Leader to elect religious, pious, courageous and responsible candidates to their people. "

Out of duty, Fatima will also give her voice to conservative candidates. This former worker had to stop working for health problems. She and her family are struggling to cope with inflation, she resents the authorities, but refuses to abstain.

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" We will vote and the result will be in the hands of God. We hope that the candidates act according to their conscience and that they work honestly. What more can I tell you. We are going to elect candidates, the rest will depend on their faith. Our managers don't think about our problems. They do not listen to people's difficulties even if they say the opposite. They say they have plans against the too high cost of living .... but we see nothing. "

Despite their announced victory, the conservative candidates seem to have trouble uniting. In Tehran several lists from the same party have been presented and the names of some candidates even appear on different lists at the same time.

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