Hyundai Motor, BMW and four other auto companies are planning to recall more than 490,000 cars in South Korea to change some defective components, the Ministry of Transportation said today.

The South Korean Yonhap News Agency indicated that this measure is the latest in a series of summonses by auto companies operating in South Korea, due to problems in the components of cars sold in the country.

In a statement, the Ministry of Lands, Infrastructure and Transport stated that the companies "Hyundai Motor", "Fiat Chrysler", "BMW", "Audi Volkswagen", "Korean Truck" and "Pike" will call up to 49.47 thousand A car due to defective components in it.

The ministry added that the problems include brake prevention systems in Hyundai Avanti, and increased air pressure in the airbags of the BMW i320, which could lead to injuries, and the presence of defective parts in the gearbox in Volkswagen Jetta 2 TDPMT cars.

Some companies have already started repair and replacement services, while some will start next week. The ministry said car owners can visit repair and service centers to replace defective parts free of charge.