The Eurostar will run directly from Amsterdam via Rotterdam to London from 30 April, NS said in a press release on Tuesday. At present, border controls are still taking place in Brussels South, where people have to transfer.

The train journey from Amsterdam to London will be one hour shorter due to the loss of border control in the Belgian capital. As a result, a train traveler takes about four hours to complete the journey, instead of five hours. Travelers boarding in Rotterdam take 3.5 hours to travel to London.

The call for a faster connection to London has increased in recent years, as there is increasing debate in society about the environmental effects of air travel. According to the Dutch Railways, CO2 emissions from a train journey between Amsterdam and London per passenger are 80 percent lower than with a flight.

About sixty planes fly daily from Schiphol to the capital of England. A better train connection could ensure that more travelers opt for the train.

"Brexit or not, London will come closer from 30 April. Train passengers will travel with Eurostar from the center of Amsterdam to the heart of London in four hours. the future and brings Europeans together ", writes NS CEO Rogier van Boxtel.