Yen appreciation January 27 19:42 on January 27

The yen price in the Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 27th has risen. With the spread of the new coronavirus, the yen was bought, a relatively safe asset.

At 5:00 pm, the yen was 49 yen compared to last weekend, and the yen depreciated against the dollar at 109.05 yen to 7 yen per dollar.

The value of the euro against the euro was 71 yen compared to the previous weekend, and the yen depreciation against the euro was 1 yen = 120.33 yen to 37 yen.

The euro was between $ 1.1034 and $ 35 against the dollar.

According to market sources, "The spread of the new coronavirus has caused concerns about the negative effects on the economy, and the movement to buy the yen, a relatively safe asset, has been widened. Has been extended, and investors are interested in how this will affect the movement of people and goods. "