Leopalace21 Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders To be held next month 27 January 21:55

Leopalace21, which is facing problems with the construction of the apartments it has constructed, has decided to hold an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on the 27th of next month, which was required by an investment company that has flowed through the former Murakami Fund. The two companies 'arguments over management are in conflict, and the shareholders' meeting will consult both proposals.

Reno, a Tokyo investment company involving Leopalace21's major shareholder and former Murakami Fund, Mr. Murakami, is arguing that the company's management needs to be renewed as the company's business performance continues to deteriorate due to poor construction of apartments. I was asking for a general meeting of shareholders.

In response, Leopalace decided to hold an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders next month after considering the responses, including hearing opinions from other shareholders.

The Reno side has proposed to shareholders to dismiss all 10 directors, including President Fumiya Miyao, and appoint three directors recommended by the company, but Leopalace has expressed its opposition and added two new directors. Has proposed a proposal to appoint an outside director.

Leno owns more than 14% of Leopalace's shares, but the other two investment companies have a combined stake of more than 30%, and the behavior of these major shareholders will be key. .