Kenichiro Sato, founder of the semiconductor giant ROHM, died January 24, 19:26

Rohm, a major semiconductor maker in Kyoto, has announced that its founder, Kenichiro Sato, has died of illness on the 15th of this month. I was 88 years old.

Mr. Sato was born in Tokyo, and based on the technology of small resistors developed while studying at Ritsumeikan University, established Toyo Denki Seisakusho in Kyoto in 1958, the predecessor of ROHM.

After that, it expanded into the semiconductor field such as transistors and integrated circuits. In 1971, it became the first Japanese-affiliated company in Silicon Valley in the United States to grow ROHM into an international company.

On the other hand, he became a pianist when he was young, and he has a deep knowledge of music. In 1991, he established a foundation to train young musicians.

In addition, the company acquired naming rights for a concert hall in Kyoto and provided refurbishment costs, and also made efforts to spread classical music, such as “Rome Theater Kyoto”.

Mr. Sato retired from the president who served for more than 50 years since the company was established in 2010, and has been involved in management as a director until recently, but this month, due to obstructive jaundice He died at the age of 88 at a hospital in Kyoto city.