SUBARU “Over 40% of vehicles sold will be electric vehicles by the end of 10 years” January 20 at 16:33

By 2030, 10 years later, automaker SUBARU has announced a plan to make more than 40% of its vehicles sold electric and hybrid electric vehicles. As environmental regulations become more stringent worldwide, the automotive industry is accelerating electrification.

SUBARU held a press conference on the 20th and announced plans for electrification.

Electric vehicles sold by SUBARU in FY2018 account for just over 2% of total sales.

In the future, in addition to receiving the provision of hybrid technology from Toyota Motor Corporation, which has a capital tie-up, we will launch an electric vehicle that we are jointly developing in the early 2020s.

Ten years later, by 2030, more than 40% of vehicles sold worldwide will be electric vehicles such as electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.

"We want to accelerate the development of core technologies while utilizing the alliance," said SUBARU President Tomomi Nakamura at a press conference on March 20.

As environmental regulations become more stringent worldwide, Toyota Motor plans to electrify more than 5.5 million vehicles in 2025, half of the cars sold worldwide.

Mazda plans to electrify all vehicles it produces in 2030, and the entire automotive industry is in a hurry to electrify.