As he noted on his Facebook page, the agreement not only stopped the possibility of tariff growth in Ukraine, but even reduced them.

“If we hadn’t carried out an unbundling and signed a new agreement on gas transit from Russia to Europe, the tariffs for gas transportation for Ukrainian consumers could have quadrupled. The presence of a new contract allowed ... even lowering transportation tariffs for our consumers, ”he said.

At the same time, Makogon added that the Turkish Stream project led to the fact that Ukraine lost 15 billion cubic meters. m transit per year.

Earlier it was reported that the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine in the first two days of 2020 fell 5.3 times compared with the average in December 2019.

The leading analyst of the National Energy Security Fund, Igor Yushkov, in an interview with the NSN, commented on reports of falling transit volumes.

On January 3, the press service of the Ukrainian GTS Operator company announced that the Ukrainian side was fully complying with Gazprom’s requests for gas transportation to the EU and Moldova.