SBI Holdings and Chikuho Bank announce capital and business alliance January 17 13:06

SBI Holdings, Inc., which handles online securities, etc., and Chikuho Bank in Fukuoka Prefecture have announced a capital and business alliance to expand new financial services using IT. A new partnership between Internet finance and regional banks is moving.

According to the announcement, SBI Holdings, a major online finance company, will acquire up to 3% of the shares of regional banks and Chikuho Bank, which have head offices in Fukuoka Prefecture, and form a capital and business alliance.

In addition to introducing SBI-invested companies to Chikuho Bank's business partners, this will lead to expansion of sales channels, and strengthen local currency services utilizing FinTech, which combines SBI's expertise in finance and IT. You.

Last year, SBI entered into a capital and business alliance with Shimane Bank and Fukushima Bank in order to strengthen its customer base in the region and strengthened its ties with regional banks.

The Chikuho Bank has also cooperated with SBI, for example, by jointly operating stores that sell investment trusts, etc., but this capital and business alliance has further strengthened the relationship and expanded the latest financial services utilizing IT. It seems that the aim is to reduce costs.

Regional banks continue to face a difficult business environment due to prolonged low interest rates and declining population. It will be interesting to see if online finance and the new services provided by regional banks will stimulate local businesses and create new revenue streams for regional banks.