Mohamed Othman, head of the Cultural Tourism Marketing Committee in Upper Egypt, said that the successful performances of the Aida Opera at the Queen Hatshepsut Temple, and the new archaeological discoveries that were made in cities such as Luxor, Aswan and Giza, led by the cache of mummies and coffins of Al-Asif, had a great role in the return of records in occupancy rates. Tourism in the cities of Luxor and Aswan, which reached 100% during the Christmas, Eid and New Year periods, and other destinations of cultural tourism in Egypt.
Osman also did not neglect the preparation of the path of the Holy Family and start receiving it for religious tourism trips coming from the countries of Europe, praising the diversity of the tourist markets that tourists come from to visit Egypt, after the markets were limited to Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain, they extended to include countries of Southeast Asia and Latin America . Othman revealed that the city of Luxor will witness for the first time this year a tourist season in the summer.