Akebono Brake under management restructuring To recruit 200 people early retirement 20:19 on January 16

Akebono Brake Industry, an auto parts manufacturer that is undergoing business restructuring, has recruited 200 people to retire early to rebuild its operations.

Akebono Brake Industry has deteriorated in management due to a decrease in orders from U.S. automakers, which were its main customers, and has closed and reduced domestic and overseas factories, mainly with investments from domestic investment funds. , We are rebuilding our management.

In order to streamline management, Akebono Brake has decided to recruit for early retirement. The target is approximately 700 regular employees who are at the head office for over 3 years and are over 40 years old. We will recruit 200 applicants by March.

Akebono Brake will close a casting manufacturing plant in Soja City, Okayama Prefecture, which employs approximately 500 people in five years, and a brake pad manufacturing plant in Kuwaori, Fukushima Prefecture, which will employ approximately 300 people. Has decided to reduce its production capacity.

In the future, we plan to consider reducing and reallocating personnel by reviewing the production system.