The Volkswagen sales company in Poland, Volkswagen Group Polska, is to pay a fine of 120 million zlotys (around 28.5 million euros) due to the diesel scandal. This was announced by the Polish consumer protection authority (UOKiK) on Wednesday. Volkswagen fooled its customers about the true emissions of its vehicles, UOKiK justified the fine. Contrary to what Volkswagen said, the cars were not environmentally friendly.

The company said it sees "no legal basis" for the fine. The customers would not have suffered any damage; the Volkswagen Group has been carrying out a "service offensive" around the engine EA189 affected by the diesel scandal since 2016.

In September 2015, VW had admitted to having installed illegal software in millions of its brands' vehicles worldwide, which only reduced the emission of nitrogen oxides on the test bench, but not in everyday traffic. The President of the Polish Consumer Protection Agency, Marek Niechcial, said this practice continued from 2008 to 2016. During the investigation, Volkswagen had made no proposal for a "friendly solution". Therefore, his authority has now imposed the fine.

The fine is the largest penalty ever imposed by the Polish regulator. The processing of the millions of fraud has already cost the Wolfsburg group more than 30 billion euros.