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The intention was good, but this little mustard 100% biodegradable “wild boar” style blouse will not end up in your wardrobe. The imposing sausage bowl will not clutter your kitchen any more than the pineapple peeler. Not sure, either, that this “moonlight shivers like 16th century” Smartbox - without running water, without heating and, worse still, without Wifi - is such a good weekend idea.

In another era, these daring gifts would have made their way into the closets, before ending their life, several years later, following a move or a garage sale. Consumption patterns have changed. Now is the time for pragmatism, “recovery” and responsible and sustainable use. What we lose in poetry, we gain in preserving the environment. Many players have positioned themselves in this increasingly juicy sector and specialized applications have multiplied. Here are the main ones.

Geev: a story of donation

Not everyone wants to sell the gifts they receive at Christmas. Donation is a possibility that also attracts a lot of followers. Almost 10 billion tonnes of potentially reusable objects are thrown away each year. It was from this observation that the idea of ​​the Geev application, developed by two French people, was born.

The goal is both to give them a second life but also to build social ties. Apart from drugs, medication and anything illegal or offensive, you can assign everything for free on Geev. Each “geever” is evaluated and the system works on the recommendation of users and users.

Momox: culture at your fingertips

Momox shines with its model. Specialized in cultural products (books, video games, DVD, album, etc.), the application works simply by scanning the barcode of objects. Transactions are both fast and secure. It is the platform that offers an offer to the seller and not a third party. There is therefore no need to find a buyer.

The main advantage is that it is quick to receive the expected money. Just send the object and payment is done.

Vinted: the clothing fair

To resell your clothes, the Vinted app has become, in a few years, essential. The service benefits from a huge community eager for fashion products at low prices. There are many filters (size, condition, brand, etc.) and sales close quickly and easily. This is another strong point of Vinted: the transaction and delivery processes, in particular thanks to a partnership with Mondial Relay, which allows the seller not to have to advance the shipping costs, are simple.

Place cards: cash for gift cards

A gift card worth 20 euros at the “Universe of Water Pumps” store can have its charm, but not everyone has the soul of a Shadok. Place cards allows you to quickly resell your voucher for cash.

BonCoin: the essential at risk

When we think of resale, we naturally think of BonCoin, which has become one of the most popular platforms on the Net. This celebrity makes it possible to quickly find a taker with the objects which one wants to yield. The downside, during the holidays, is that everyone is browsing the site ... even those who gave you gifts. The text explanation may be tense.


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