Emirates World Aluminum announced that at the end of 2019, it achieved the highest Emiratisation rate in the company's history spanning 40 years.
The citizens of the country currently occupy about 39.8% of the main jobs in Emirates International Aluminum Company.
About 150 citizens joined the company during the past year, with an average age of 24 years, today more than 1,100 Emiratis work in the company, and the number of citizens under the age of 35 reaches 840 employees.
The CEO of Emirates World Aluminum, Abdel Nasser bin Kalban said: «Emirates World Aluminum is a leader in the national industry and we are proud of the number of young talents who chose to join our company in 2019. Our commitment to attract more new graduates remains as it has been for decades to provide Opportunities that enable them to fully exploit their potential. We are certain that the success of our company depends on the dedication and high skills of our people. ”
Emirates Global Aluminum focuses on employing young talents and developing their skills for decades. It is noteworthy that seven members of the Executive Committee of Emirates Global Aluminum joined the company as two trained orthopedics during the eighties. The company continuously relies on an 18-month program to train more than 100 graduates, then after successful completion of the program, the trainees receive a permanent, leadership position in the company.
The company also organizes national programs to empower citizens who have not completed their educational education and develop their technical skills to work in operational jobs in Emirates World Aluminum's smelters and its power plants.
The number of attendees of the administrative and technical training courses held each year is about 2500 employees, including new graduates and executives.
It is noteworthy that the technical training programs provided by Emirates International Aluminum are internationally recognized and accredited by the "Knowledge and Human Development Authority".
Emirates International Aluminum Company, which plays a fundamental role in the field of heavy industries, is keen on employing the best talents in the practical, technical, engineering and mathematics fields, where more than 1500 experts work in these fields, including 500 citizens.