The directors of companies working in the trade in gold and jewelry, reported that the approach of the events of the Expo 2020 Dubai motivates them to implement new plans to expand with additional branches in several areas of Dubai this year.

They pointed out to «Emirates Today» that the implementation of new plans to expand the branches comes to keep pace with the expected increase in the demand for sales in the markets, with the support of the activities of “Expo 2020”, especially with the expectation of receiving more than 25 million visitors to Dubai during the exhibition period, pointing to The expansion plans will include setting up branches before the exhibition, some before the end of this year.

Exhibition activities

In detail, the CEO of the "Malabar Gold and Jewelery" group, Abdelsalam KB, said that "the approach of Expo 2020 Dubai events motivates the group to implement new expansion plans that include the establishment of seven new branches in the UAE market this year, of which five are in Dubai." .

He pointed out that «the plans of the new branches, which will be established during the current year, keep pace with the large increase in the expected demand during the events of (Expo 2020)», pointing out that «the group will implement the opening of some branches before the date of the establishment of the Expo 2020, while it will be A small number keeping pace with the exhibition period ».

Handicraft trade

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gold and Jewelery Group in Dubai, Director of "Johara" Company, Tawheed

Abdullah, “A large number of companies working in the jewelry and jewelry trade sector are seeking to prepare for the approaching of the Expo 2020 Dubai exhibition, through several plans, the most prominent of which are the implementation of plans to spread in new branches, to compete for market shares during the exhibition, which is expected To stimulate sales in the market in a great way, commensurate with the extraordinary event hosted by Dubai. ”

He pointed out that «new expansion plans related to (Johara) jewelry trade company will be implemented, in preparation for the Expo 2020 exhibition, through the establishment of 12 new branches of the company in various Dubai markets during the current year», pointing out that the exhibition will be raised from Manifestations of competition in the gold and jewelry trade sector, and therefore many companies rely on the exhibition period to stimulate sales in large proportions.

Major companies

In turn, Anil Dahnak, CEO of "Kanz Jewelry", said that "(Expo 2020) is one of the huge activities that motivated the major companies in the jewelry and jewelry trade markets to prepare early with various plans, most notably the expansion of new branches, to keep pace with the high level of competitiveness." And the expected high demand during the exhibition period. ”

He added that «the company is preparing during the current year to expand with the establishment of three new branches of its stores in Dubai, in preparation for the approaching exhibition (Expo 2020 Dubai).

High competitiveness

The CEO of "Borgold Jewelery", Karim Marchent, considered that "the manifestations of high competitiveness in the markets and the big marketer in demand are the effects of the start of the countdown to (Expo 2020) and were one of the main engines that pushed a large number of companies working in jewelry and jewelry to implement expansion plans New outlets in Dubai to keep up with the events of the exhibition ».

He pointed out that «the company intends to establish about seven new branches in the local markets to keep pace with (Expo 2020), which will attract many visitors from different nationalities to Dubai markets».

3 new branches

"The company is preparing for Expo 2020 by implementing plans to establish three new branches in the Dubai market, and most of them are expected to be established well ahead of the exhibition activities," said Vishal Dahkan, CEO of Dahkan Jewelery.

Companies implement plans to spread to new branches to compete for market shares during the exhibition.