Beer-based beverages decrease in sales for 15 consecutive years To strengthen core brands January 9 16:49

For the past year, the sales volume of beer-based beverages by the four major beer companies has fallen for the 15th consecutive year. Companies want to strengthen their existing flagship brands to focus on retaining customers and stop beer breaks.

According to announcements by four major beer companies, sales volume of “beer-based beverages” including beer, low-malt beer, and the third beer in the past year has dropped by more than 1% from the same period of the previous year, It was lower than the previous year in a row.

Each company believes that the rise in consumption tax rates and irregular weather in summer, as well as the growing popularity of non-beer liquors, such as "chu-hi," are behind the background.

With regard to beer-based beverages, the tax rate on beer will be gradually reduced from October due to the revision of the liquor tax law, while the tax rate on happoshu and third beer will be raised and the tax amount will be unified by 2026 .

While beer-based beverages do not perform well, each company considers that it is difficult to establish new products, and has decided to enclose customers by strengthening existing core brands, of which Kirin and Suntory are the third, whose prices are relatively cheap. In addition to strengthening beer, Asahi has decided to strengthen products for the younger generation, such as beer that can be drunk in a bottle.

Sapporo will also focus on promoting social networking at youth events.

Kenichi Shiozawa, President of Asahi Breweries, said, "In addition to the outflow from beer to other sake, population reduction is also a major issue. We want to hone our brand value and lead to consumption."