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Changes in the SMI, pensions and public salaries, postponed by government negotiations


The acting Government arrives today at the last Council of Ministers of the year with no capacity to meet the rise in pensions, the salary of officials or the level of

The acting Government arrives today at the last Council of Ministers of the year with no capacity to meet the increase in pensions, the salary of officials or the 11% step in the Minimum Interprofessional Salary requested by Podemos, your preferred partner in the formation of the Executive emerged from the polls after the elections of the past 10-N.

With the negotiations to achieve the abstention of CKD as a priority, all other matters have been relegated until the formation of a Government with full powers. This is the case of the salary of civil servants, that of the revaluation of pensions in accordance with the IPC and the SMI.

In recent weeks, the Government has considered several options to meet its electoral commitment, which was to update the value of pensions with the CPI in December, according to sources familiar with the process. The political calendar has crossed with this promise to which the Minister of Labor, Magdalena Valerio has given the label of "guaranteed", without specifying at what time it will be executed. One option has been the rise of 0.25% as established in article 58 of the General Law of Social Security to complement it later in the proportion set by the price increase. The complexity of this formula has led to postpone compliance with the commitment until such time as there is a Government, the same sources explain.

Yes, the approval of an extension for retirement is practically discounted with the requirements and conditions prior to Law 27/2011 of people who were dismissed before April 2013 in collective agreements or in employment regulation files before that date. Last year, the Government established this decree for all those workers who retired before January 1, 2020, so it will be necessary for the decree to be revalidated today so that the retirement conditions prior to the 2011 reform remain in force. Until 2018, one in three new retirees took advantage of this model, more generous with early withdrawals and the basis of calculation for the initial pension.

In any case, the pressure to undertake the measure is maintained or even comes to the call for general strikes in Navarra and the Basque country. Yesterday, the State Coordinator for the Defense of the Public Pension System (Coespe) demanded that the Government in functions that the last Council of Ministers of the year pensions rise in 2020 according to the real Consumer Price Index (CPI). The organization recalled that it is a commitment that the Pedro Sánchez Executive has repeatedly repeated and stressed its objective of ending the system reforms implemented in 2011 and 2013.

In a similar vein, the minimum committed increase of 2% of the salary of public employees in 2020, to which an additional 0.3% of funds could be added, will be applied once an Executive with full functions is established to apply the measure. retroactively from January 1 of the new fiscal year.

In the case of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI), the only commitment assumed so far by the Government is to raise it throughout a legislature up to 60% of the average salary, which would place it between 1,100 and 1,200 euros. After the increase of 22% in 2019, the tension with social agents and verify that its effects on vulnerable groups in the labor market such as the agricultural sector or domestic workers, the Government's decision has been to postpone any increase. As of yesterday, social agents had not been informed of the Government's proposal.

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