Japan Post's successor president Masuda assumed office solidified.Kampo Life inappropriate sales December 26 19:14

The presidents of the three Japan Post Group companies are expected to resign on May 27 due to improper sales of Japan Post Insurance, and Hiroya Masuda, a former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, will be appointed as President of Japan Post Holdings. Has solidified.

The FSA and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications are urging the government to take administrative sanctions on Monday to clarify management responsibilities on a series of issues over the improper sale of Japan Post Insurance.

Based on this, Nagato President of Japan Post, Kunio Yokoyama of Japan Post, which is responsible for insurance sales, and Mitsuhiko Uehira, President of Japan Post Insurance, are expected to take responsibility and express their resignations.

The Japan Post Group has been coordinating its succession with the largest shareholder's government, but according to stakeholders, the post president of Japan Post will be the former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, who will monitor the postal privatization efforts. Mr. Hiroya Masuda, who also chaired the postal privatization committee of the government, has hardened his position.

The company will hold a nominating committee and board meeting on the 27th to decide and announce the future management structure, and it will be asked whether the way to restore the trust lost under the new system will be taken It becomes.