The CEO of the “Marmum” Emirates Dairy Company, Sultan Al Jabri, said that “Emirati food products are known, globally, for their high level of quality, especially in light of the commitment to the applicable UAE standards, which are among the best specifications in the world.” .

He added that the company’s new factory will be opened in the first quarter of next year, with investments exceeding 500 million dirhams, on an area of ​​one million and 950 thousand square meters, in the “Nahil” area of ​​the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, after the trial operation phase of the factory has now started, indicating that the production of the new factory It is three times the old factory, which is currently in Dubai, where it reaches 55 million liters of milk annually.

Al-Jabri told reporters on the sidelines of a tour of the company that he had “touched on official business visits abroad that there is an international recognition of the quality of Emirati products, and that many countries are demanding Emirati investors in the food sector to open factories for them abroad, given the quality and excellence in these products ».

He noted that the high quality of Emirati products enabled it to compete strongly in the global markets and in the local market, which is an open market characterized by strong competition, and receives the best products from various countries of the world.

He said that the major companies in the country, which buy local food products, send teams for evaluation continuously, to verify the high level of quality in local products.

He revealed that 50% of the country's milk is produced abroad, where the market is witnessing strong competition, indicating that the increase in local production is in line with the state's strategy to achieve food security.

He stressed that the application of the tax on sweetened drinks is a positive step in place in many countries of the world, and came at the right time, especially after statistics revealed high rates of obesity and diabetes in the country.

He demanded that government agencies give priority to the national product, and allocate part of its purchases to buying the local product, in light of the great quality that it enjoys, which constitutes a support and a catalyst for it to grow and expand.

Al-Jabri pointed out to the administration’s interest in raising the level of Emiratization in the company, as from next year the company intends to conclude agreements in partnership with local and international universities to train citizens through missions inside and outside the country.