Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market Yen exchange rate is modest price Dec. 17 18:43

Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 17th, the yen exchange rate was a moderate price movement in the mid-109 yen range of 1 dollar.

The yen's exchange rate at 5 pm was 19 yen compared to the 16th, and the weaker yen was 1 dollar = 109.59 yen to 60 yen.
Compared to the 16th, the euro was 17 yuan, and the weaker yen against the euro was 1 euro = 122.10 to 14 sen.
The euro was 1 dollar = 1.1141 to 43 dollars against the dollar.

The market official said, “In spite of the move to sell the yen that was bought to avoid risk due to the trend of global stock prices, in front of the BOJ's monetary policy decision meeting tomorrow, Many investors refrained from aggressive transactions. "