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Opening of offices for Toyota's automated driving technology development


As the competition for development of next-generation automobile technology increases, Toyota Motor Corporation develops software that is used for autonomous driving…

Toyota's automatic driving technology development and other office release December 17th 17:35

As development competition for next-generation automotive technology intensifies, Toyota Motor Corporation has opened an office in Tokyo that handles software development for autonomous driving.

TRI-AD, a company that was established last year with investments from Toyota and other companies and is engaged in the development of autonomous driving technology.

This company uses AI = artificial intelligence research that Toyota is promoting in the United States to create high-precision maps and software necessary for autonomous driving. The office in Chuo-ku, Tokyo Approximately 400 engineers, including those from major IT companies, work.

A simulator that incorporates VR = virtual reality is installed in the office, and tests such as driver's line-of-sight movement and reaction speed are repeated for rapid software development.

James Kafner, CEO of TRI-AD, said, “The competition for attracting talented people is fierce. We want to accelerate the development of autonomous driving by actively recruiting diverse human resources from Japan and overseas.”

In the technological development of next-generation automobiles such as autonomous driving, it is indispensable to use the latest technology such as AI, as well as conventional manufacturing. One after another.

Source: nhk

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