Tokyo Market Yen Market Moderate Price Change "Investor Interest is Next Year" December 16, 18:13

The Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 16th and the yen exchange rate were modest.

The yen exchange rate at 5 pm was 1 dollar = 109.40 to 41.41 yen, a 22 yen yen appreciation against the dollar compared to last weekend.

Compared to last weekend, the euro was 46 yen stronger against the euro, 1 euro = 121.93 to 97 yen. The euro was 1 euro = 1.1145 to 46 dollars against the dollar.

The market official said, “Today, statistics related to retail and manufacturing were announced last month in China, which exceeded expectations, but the market did not respond very much. Having reached an agreement, investor interest has shifted to the outlook for next year. "