Baby pelones, barbies with cellulite, stuffed and of all races, doll houses in which families are formed by two fathers or two mothers, or by a couple without children and with dog ... The toy is committed to diversity and That is why Famosa's dolls reinvent themselves. The manufacturer of Nenuco, Nancy or Barriguitas has launched a new brand, MymyCity, which allows children to set up their own family.

This, in MymyCity, can be composed of two mothers or two fathers, or one. The head of the family can be an environmental activist and you can even choose the type of pet. In addition, the figure of the grandfather will be launched, which is a novelty within the sector, since almost all products are babies or dolls, but not elderly.

"Today there are many different types of families away from the traditional model of father, mother and children and we wanted to represent that diversity precisely, and that each child can feel represented when playing. Everyone can choose the relatives they want," he says. Laia Prunera, head of marketing and digital expert at Famosa.

Character sets are sold separately, to avoid offering the child a pre-configured family. Children can replicate their own home. For this Christmas, Famosa has launched a house and a set of characters with creative professions and that include sustainability values.

"When we started working on the development of Mymy City we were clear that we did not want to create a brand with the usual family stereotypes. Today there are many types of family and we believe that all children should be able to feel identified regardless of their family structure "says Prunera.

Play with a grandfather doll

In January Famosa will add new characters and game sets to the collection and give special prominence to the figure of the grandparents. This is one of the novelties. "In the lives of children, grandparents have more presence and prominence, with different roles. That is why we thought it important to incorporate them into the game and give them the space they have in real families," says the expert.

Not only Famous commitment to introduce the values ​​of diversity and integration in the products. The Barbie doll, for example, has launched several initiatives to break down gender stereotypes. And the baby pelón, a hairless doll that was created in homage to children with cancer, was the best selling in 2017.

"The toy world is constantly evolving like the world around us. In Famosa, we make sure that all our brands, Nancy, Pinypon, Nenuco, Bellies, Mymycity, Gormiti or Feber follow these trends," says the expert of the Spanish toy.

The sector plays in the Christmas campaign much of the turnover of the year. The Spanish toy industry will grow this year around 4% and will reach 1.6 billion euros of turnover, according to the forecasts of the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ).

The association highlights the especially thriving trend of online commerce. Last year it represented 18% of total sales and by the end of this year it will already exceed 20%.

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