Newlyweds who have set up my home are increasing. As house prices continue to rise, there is also anxiety that if you do not buy now, it will be more difficult later. This flow is also related to fertility. Government surveys have found that homeless couples have higher birth rates.

Journalists Hwarang and Kim Hyung-rae will deliver the government statistics on this.


For young people, setting up my home is a big problem before and after marriage.

[Cheon-eon / Sejong-si: There are a lot of kids who don't have love because they don't have a home.

[Kim Byung-jin / Sejong-si: Not because it's my own house, but because I feel like I'm living in someone else's house.

According to a survey by the National Statistical Office last year, newlywed couples were down by 4.2% compared to the previous year, with 1.32 million couples.

Homeowners, who have been married for less than five years, have increased steadily to 43.8% last year.

As house prices continue to rise, the anxiety of not having to wait for my house seems to have affected.

Newlywed couples with homes have a house price ranging from 60 million won to less than 300 million won.

I don't have enough money, so I seem to have started my own house with a low price.

Even if you succeeded in buying a home, your debt burden increased.

The proportion of married couples in debt among newlyweds increased by 1.7% p to 85.1%.

The median loan amounted to 100 million won, 10 million more than before.

The proportion of newly married couples who earned double income also increased by 2.7% p to 47.5% a year.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Won Hee-hee, VJ: Han Seung-min)

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