The Dubai Land Department, through the Dubai Real Estate Institute and the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, organized a conference of the managers of owners associations in the Middle East 2019, in the presence of delegations representing a number of countries in the world, in addition to senior officials of the department.
During the event, Dubai Lands through its senior representatives, including Eng. Marwan bin Ghalita, Executive Director of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, Hind Obaid Al-Marri, Executive Director of the Dubai Real Estate Institute, and Majid Saqr Al-Marri, Executive Director of the Registration and Real Estate Services Sector in Dubai Lands, highlighted the progress made throughout her career. To support the operations of real estate companies with joint ownership in the emirate. Also, ways were discussed of the department to help those companies perform their duties, which will reflect positively on the residents, and provide various facilities and services that guarantee their comfort and happiness.
In her opening speech during the conference, Hind Al-Marri expressed her welcome to the delegations participating in this event, which provided an excellent opportunity to communicate and exchange knowledge between all parties. “The holding of this conference comes at a time when the sector is witnessing many tremendous developments that are expected to bring about fundamental changes in the areas of physical and organizational infrastructure. With the launch of Expo 2020 Dubai, the sector is expected to gain increasing importance with the huge number of visitors Those who will go to the Emirates, in addition to handing over many projects in the coming year. We at the Institute focus on empowering real estate professionals in Dubai, within the framework of its vision to spread real estate knowledge, as an academic institution concerned with providing comprehensive programs to develop those interested in helping them to distinguish, and contribute to creating a prosperous and sustainable future. Mother of all. "
In her speech, Hind Al-Marri discussed the efforts of the Dubai government to boost the real estate and services sector, and noted the importance of conferences and courses to understand the impact of technology on the market, noting that the Institute's strategic plan in the year 2020 is based on digital transformation and publications projects, and also informed the participants of the Institute's plan to publish the first electronic book And the first electronic magazine, in addition to the research papers that are prepared by the most prominent experts in this sector at the regional level.
During the conference, Marwan bin Ghalita gave a demonstration on the "Malak" system, where he initially reviewed the customer’s journey before improvement, his journey after the launch of the system, and the easy stages it includes to ensure the customer the complete comfort of being completely dependent on digital platforms. One of the most important features of the initiative is that it places the Emirate of Dubai at the forefront of the cities of the world in the field of real estate services, as it is the first electronic system to approve service fees for real estate management companies with joint ownership in the world, in addition to being the first global index of service fees. The system provides the first unified government database for joint ownership in the world, in addition to its transparency and speed of delivery, without using any paperwork.
Among the most prominent achievements of the initiative is to get rid of the customer’s trouble and the necessity of visiting the department building to zero references after the application started, with the aim of improving the level of customer happiness towards the service and reaching 94.4%, and achieved financial savings that amounted to two million dirhams. The cost of the service fee has been reduced from 3060 dirhams to 293 dirhams, and the number of customer complaints in the unified electronic complaints system has reached zero, with 418 thousand ownership units registered.