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Macron's pension reform divides France in two


France split in two for pension reform: 50% in favor, 49% against. A survey highlights citizen nuances: they support the end of special regimes p

France split in two for pension reform: 50% in favor, 49% against. A survey highlights the citizen nuances: they support the end of special regimes but oppose raising the retirement age. Also, the contradictions: most see the strike sympathetically ... but wants it to end now. Trade unionists discuss whether or not to grant a Christmas truce.

Eight day of strike . Routine. 25% of high speed trains. Most of the Paris metro lines, closed. A quarter of nearby. At 8:30, 400 kilometers of traffic jams in the Paris region.

Eight day of strike. News Several thousand protesters called by the CGT block access to the ports of Marseille and Le Havre, the one with the highest container traffic, and city of which he was mayor, Edouard Philippe. The protest, as the blocking of fuel tanks a couple of days ago will be short-lived. The pickets, which have also performed in other ports, are scheduled to go home at dinner time.

These types of actions try to show the rejection of the Government's plans. They extend like an epidemic. On Wednesday, 80 of the 87 members of a riot company displaced to Dunkerke declared themselves sick at the time of starting their shift. Although the prime minister explained that they can continue to retire earlier, they have been restless for weeks. Their unions announced actions as of Wednesday. At the moment, one thousand of the 13,000 members of the Republican Security Companies say they are sick . There are power cuts in several cities caused by trade unionists.

Today is a day of demonstrations but only summons the CGT. In Bordeaux, Marseille and Paris there are fewer people than in past calls. On Tuesday, however, day of action, a great mobilization is expected. Especially after the first union (CFDT), which is still in favor of reforming the current system, has decided to join the courtship in protest because the government wants to raise the retirement age. Why the president's team, Emmanuel Macron, decided to add this measure and how the French have welcomed the government announcements are two interesting keys.

Public opinion is divided into two halves: 50% are in favor of the reform announced by Philippe; 49% oppose. It is the result of an Elabe poll for the BFMTV channel on Wednesday after the intervention of the prime minister ... and the first union reactions. Macron is supported by his electorate and the right. The voters of the left, the greens and the extreme right, clearly against.

Conflict for retirement age

The proposed measures were well received. With resounding percentages. The most conflictive point, the abolition of special regimes, has 70% of French and 29% against. All but one: the increase in the retirement age at which 54% are declared contrary .

The inclusion of this last measure is to be explained. Especially since its consequences were obvious. Laurent Berger, leader of the (CFDT), had drawn a red line. Now, although he does not support the strike, he is going to demonstrate with the rest of the centrals, all opposed, although with their own slogans.

He remains willing to negotiate but maintains that he will not accept 64 years as a retirement age . The amazing thing is that the pulse is almost a formal matter. As the Government spokeswoman admitted, the average retirement age in the private sector is 63 years and four months. Just wait for the demography to stretch the average. Above all, because it would take effect in 2024.

According to a story by BFMTV, the decision was made on the eve of announcing at the dinner that Macron convened at the Elysium and attended by about twenty people, ministers, senior officials and presotes of the presidential majority. The all-news channel states that those present were divided into two groups: the "social gaullists" as the high commissioner for retirement and "the old routers of politics" opposed fearing the consequences. The 'technos', among which is the prime minister, wanted to throw all the meat to the grill. His argument, the French deserve to know the truth. In the end, Macron decided.

That is to play the whole for the whole, to bet because the conflict is going to rot and the citizens, tired of the inconvenience caused by the strike, will force the unions to lift the strike.

Christmas plan

It seems reasonable to the reformist unionist to finish before Christmas so that people can move without stress. The secretary general of the section of the railroad of the CGT, Laurent Brun, is clear: "There will be no truce at Christmas, unless the Government enters reason."

What do French citizens think? According to the aforementioned survey, 51% want the mobilizations to cease and 47% to remain. It is still curious because 54% sympathetically see the mobilization against the 36% that opposes it. Unions should read the fine print. The hostiles have increased six points and supporters have decreased four. A week of strike weighs.

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