US President Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday that a deal from the United States and China is "very close". His message comes just before the date that new import tariffs would apply to Chinese products; these are planned for Sunday 15 December.

"They want it, and so do we," the president writes about the deal he believes is coming with China. A Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesperson said on Thursday that the parties were busy talking.

According to sources, talks were planned for Thursday between Trump and his trade advisors, which also included the upcoming tariff deadline.

Last Tuesday rumors were about a postponement of the announced import tariffs. The Chinese and American governments are supposed to be talking behind the scenes about moving forward the rates that should apply to 165 billion dollars (148 billion euros) of Chinese goods.

Because the deadline for the tariffs is on Sunday, analysts expect that this will also be the deadline for reaching a preliminary agreement. A complete agreement could only be reached after the American elections in 2020, Trump said earlier.

If, despite everything, the tariffs are introduced, then China will most likely also incur new taxes on products from the US. Earlier the country suggested that the tariffs that were lifted at the beginning of 2019, for car parts and cars, might be taken out of the closet again.

Getting VERY close to a BIG DEAL with China. They want it, and so do we!

Avatar AuthorrealDonaldTrumpMoment of places14: 35 - 12 December 2019