Boeing 737 MAX devices will definitely not get off the ground this year. Boeing writes in a statement that there will be no approval from the American aviation authority FAA before the end of this year. Based on sources, The Wall Street Journal reports that February is the new deadline.

Earlier in the day, Reuters news agency wrote that the American aircraft manufacturer had adjusted production expectations for 2020. Boeing would have wanted to produce 57 737 units per month, but now wants to continue to produce 42 units per month. From March it should be 46.

According to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenberg, Boeing will soon be meeting with the FAA to come up with a new plan of approach. The company has already expressed several times the expectation that the 737 MAX aircraft could "quickly" be launched again.

The aircraft manufacturer suffered a blow at the end of November when the FAA regulator announced that it would now check every aircraft sold before the aircraft went to the buyers. Earlier Boeing was able to carry out the security checks and give the flights the green light. If the company demonstrates that it can do good quality controls itself, it will be given the authority.

The Boeing aircraft have been on the ground since March of this year following two fatal accidents with the aircraft, which killed a total of 346 people. Both crashes were caused by problems with the steering system.


Allowing the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to crash