The budget for next year, without proper verification and even record of audit, is 512 trillion won.

This year, 42 trillion won more than this year, what kind of budget has increased and what to look for, reporter Park Min-ha will explain the details.


The budget reflects the government's economic philosophy and policy direction.

Next year's budget 512 trillion won, which was passed by the National Assembly, was 1.2 trillion won less than the government's proposal, but this year it was 42 trillion won, 9.1% more than the budget.

There is a lot of expectation that next year's growth rate will stay at the early 2% level, but I will actively release the economy and float the economy.

The budget for the health, welfare and employment sectors, the largest sector, was reduced by KRW 1 trillion compared to the government plan, but increased by 12.1% from this year.

What stands out is the SOC budget.

The current government has reduced its SOC budget by 14% in 2018, saying it will not `` stimulate civil construction '' and stayed at a 4% increase this year.

However, next year's SOC budget will increase by 900 billion won in the National Assembly, increasing 17.6%.

Can you think that there was no effect on the lawmakers' election next year, which was intended to infuse economic vitality?

The details of the increase in the National Assembly added KRW 110 billion to increase safety facilities such as cameras and traffic lights in children's reserves as a result of the 'People's Diet Act'.

The cost of supporting kindergarten and nursery school programs increases by 20,000 won a month in seven years, and the teacher's allowance also rises by 20,000 won a month.

Treasury support rates for long-term care insurance also rose from 18.4% to 19%.

The government plans to issue 60 trillion won in deficit sovereign debts next year, which will increase the national debt rate to 39.8% next year, up 2 percentage points from this year.

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