Taxation on casino's income

For the development of IR = integrated resort facilities including casinos, the government has been considering taxation measures on the income earned by users at casinos, but because of opposition from within the LDP, etc. The statement to the tax reform outline has been postponed.

The government will set up a “Casino Management Committee” next month for the review of business operators, etc., in preparation for IR including casinos.

In line with this, the government plans to establish a mechanism for businesses to record the amount of chips purchased at the time of entry and the amount of money converted at the time of exit in order to accurately grasp and tax the income earned by the casino. I have shown and adjusted it.

On the other hand, the LDP and other parties expressed their opposition, saying that “the business burden on the business operators will be heavy, and it may reduce investment in Japanese casinos”.

For this reason, the stipulations in the tax reform outline for the next fiscal year, determined by the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito Party on the 12th, were postponed and will continue to be considered.