The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) invaded Vattenfall's office on Wednesday to investigate. The raid may be related to customer complaints about misleading sales tactics.

The raid was done in the morning in Weesp, where the office is responsible for the sales of the energy company. The company is fully cooperating with the investigation, a spokesperson told

That the raid did not take place in Amsterdam's head office, but in Weesp, indicates that the ACM's investigation should be about the commercial branch, the spokesman said. "Officially, however, we do not yet know the purpose of the investigation," he says. The regulator itself does not yet disclose the content of the investigation.

The Algemeen Dagblad exposed previously misleading sales tactics of Nuon, as Vattenfall was first called. The newspaper therefore links Wednesday's raid to these possible abuses. Sellers would provide misleading information to persuade people to sign a contract.

Vattenfall says in a response that the company takes customer complaints very seriously, and receives fewer negative responses. "We also never denied that things go wrong, but our door sale processes are well organized."

In 2019, about two hundred complaints were received about sales practices, which, according to the spokesperson, is less than in 2018. The number would continue to decline. "We therefore look forward to the research with confidence."