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[Friendly economy] "What if house prices go up again?"


Kwon Ae-ri's friendly economy Today is talking about real estate. Kwon, how many days have been spilled over Seoul and real estate in the Seoul metropolitan area, and is government regulation not working well in the market? Yes.


Kwon Ae-ri's friendly economy Today (11th) is about real estate. Kwon, how many days have been spilled over Seoul and real estate in the Seoul metropolitan area, and is government regulation not working well in the market?


Yes. Once in the real estate market in Seoul, the metropolitan area, and especially in Seoul, house prices have risen for the longest period of time.

And in recent years it has been particularly soaring. Based on the numbers up to the beginning of this month, it is clear that Seoul's house prices have risen for six consecutive years since 2014.
And, as you can see from last year's table, Seoul's house prices have soared.

Real estate 114, a real estate portal, analyzed all 240,000 apartments that were actually traded in Seoul for the past two and a half years, and the average price of apartments in Seoul has risen 41% since the first half of 2017.

In particular, Gangnam-gu rose by 53%, while those in Gangbuk, such as Jongno, rose by more than 50%. Seoul generally has seen a surge in general.


The situation is that the age of buying a house is getting lower.


Yes. There are some things that are happening now in a market where there is growing expectations or anxiety that house prices will continue to rise.

The latest statistics of the Korea Appraisal Board, which looks at the age of people who bought homes, are available until last October. For the third month in a row, 30 of them had bought the most apartments in Seoul.

More than 30% for three consecutive months. Buying the most homes in our real estate market is usually in their 40s, and this is a trend that's been accelerating.

There are many factors. Among them, the 30s who are dreaming of getting their first home are looking for a lot.

The sale price is lower than the market price, even if the sale price is not the upper limit.

However, the subscription market is very competitive these days. Therefore, the period of homelessness, period of subscription account, number of dependents is high enough to be able to get high scores.

So, expecting that house prices will continue to rise, or anxious young people buy a house that already exists without waiting until the sale price limit.

Yet another thing that has never been seen before was the first time since 2006, when the average price of a new apartment less than five years in occupancy in Seoul exceeded the price of an old apartment of the same size for over 30 years.

As you know well in Korea's apartment market, because of the expectation of reconstruction, the more popular area, the more old house, the house with a lot of land stake built in the early stage of Korean apartment history was more official than new house.

However, once the pre-sale cap has been implemented, at least for the time being, it is hard to profit from reconstruction.

But since the market is seeing house prices continue to rise, the formula has been breaking.


"I can't live at home?" I understand this anxiety, but the problem is that a lot of debt is incurred when you buy a house.


That's it. The government is implementing various loan regulations, but as the overheated market has continued for a long time, household debt has now reached 1,600 trillion won.

It's been a while since I started talking about these huge numbers while talking about household debt, but it's really big.

And as I mentioned before, here and now, two and thirty teenagers who are entering this market are running on average with over 300 million won in debt.

Including the rent, but it is also a debt. You have to return it. The need to set up my home for a real residence, mind can be natural.

It is really necessary to think carefully about entering into the real estate that has already risen for the longest period and has soared into real estate.

While this may not seem to be over, there is no market without a cycle. The outlook for house prices is mixed, at least as you saw earlier, the recent rise seems to have narrowed.

You should also consider that the preset value is not rising. On the market, falsely expensive items have been caught recently.

The interest rates are so low now that it is easy to think that you can withstand debt as much as it is, and that is why it is so full of liquidity.

However, if you are still in debt too much, even if interest rates fluctuate a little, or if there are variables in the market, it can be a big burden.

And it could be a domino because I'm not the only market that acted like that. The factors behind the decline in house prices can begin to emerge. I dare to say it carefully now that it is time to not do it.

Source: sbskr

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