NTT and Microsoft to offer new services for partner companies December 10 22:02

NTT and US IT giant Microsoft have partnered to bring each other's digital technologies to provide new services that help companies in Japan and overseas to develop products and improve operational efficiency.

According to the announcement, NTT and Microsoft signed a business alliance in the field of digital services for companies on the 10th.

In the future, we will jointly propose services for companies in Japan and overseas, using NTT's data center and Microsoft's cloud service platform.

The company will also cooperate in the development of next-generation technologies, such as the creation of new networks using optical technologies.

AI = Development of artificial intelligence, etc. With the background of the advancement of new product development and operational efficiency using digital technology has become a challenge for companies all over the world, It is an idea that meets the needs.

“Since both companies have worked together for a long time, NTT will continue to strengthen the partnership with this strategic alliance,” commented NTT President Jun Sawada.