China's Xiaomi to advance to Japan 4th in the world smartphone manufacturer December 9th 20:26

Xiaomi from China, the world's fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer, will enter the Japanese market this month. With the introduction of a model equipped with a high-performance camera with over 100 million pixels, attention will be paid to whether sales can grow as Chinese manufacturers struggle in the Japanese market.

Xiaomi held a press conference in Tokyo on the 9th and released smartphones to be released in Japan.

Headquartered in Beijing, China, Xiaomi has been selling smartphones in Asia and Europe since its founding in 2010, and its global market share was 4th last year.

This time, two smartphone models equipped with a high-performance camera with 108 million pixels will be introduced to the Japanese market. The price without tax is 52,800 yen for a cheap model, which means that it will be sold online on the 16th of this month.

In addition, rice cookers that can be operated from outside while connected to a wristwatch-type terminal or the net will be released.

In the Japanese market, Chinese smartphone manufacturers are struggling, but Steven Wang, who heads East Asia in Xiaomi, said at the press conference, “The Japanese market is large and very good. The 5G has started, and it is time for Japanese people to accept new technologies, so we want to introduce more IoT products. "

Xiaomi is the 4th largest smartphone maker with a global market share of 8.5%

Xiaomi is a smartphone manufacturer founded in 2010 and headquartered in Beijing, China. It is characterized by selling the latest terminals at a low price while reducing labor costs and distribution costs, expanding the number of users mainly to the younger generation in China, and listing its stock on the Hong Kong stock exchange last year since its establishment. Did.

According to American research company IDC, Xiaomi's last year's smartphone shipments were 110.7 million units, exceeding 100 million units for the first time.

The world share is 8.5%, which is fourth after Korea's Samsung Electronics, the US Apple, and China's Huawei, a significant increase compared to 2015, when the market share was 4.9%. In addition to China, smartphones are sold in India and Europe, of which India has the top share.

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