Bank transfer function for LINEEPay December 9th 13:16

“LINEEPay” for smartphone payment has officially announced that it has started a service that can be transferred to individual and corporate bank accounts on the 9th. As it is the first time for domestic smartphone payments, we aim to increase the number of users by capturing demand for transfers such as rent and monthly fees for learning.

According to the announcement, “LINEPay” added a function that allows bank transfer to the app on the 9th.

By entering the other party's account number and amount, you can transfer money to individuals and corporations up to 100,000 yen.

Even if you don't know your account number, you can transfer money if you know the name and phone number or email address of the other party.

This is a mechanism to receive money when a short email or email is sent to the recipient to notify the transfer, and the recipient enters the account number using the displayed link. hand

The fee is 176 yen per time, and the company expects that there will be demand for transfers such as rent and monthly tuition.

With smartphone payments, users of the same service can generally send money without a fee, but this is the first time that they can transfer money to a bank account.

With smartphone payments, it is noticed that operators are in a state of disorder and new services will lead to acquisition of users.

Bank transfer from the LINE app is made available for Android smartphones first, and iPhone support will be available at a later date.

From the LINEEPay app, you can use any smartphone.