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Turkish and Russian military vehicles patrol the north-east of Syria near the Turkish town of Kiziltepe on November 1, 2019. REUTERS / Kemal Aslan

Twenty-one civilians, including eight children, were killed and 43 were wounded on Saturday (December 7th) in Syrian air raids by Syrian air force or its Russian ally on the jihadist-dominated province of Idleb, according to the report. Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.

With our regional correspondent, Paul Khalifeh

Russian and Syrian planes conducted no less than 75 raids this Saturday. Government artillery fired hundreds of projectiles against jihadist and rebel positions and residential areas south and southeast of Idleb Province .

This outburst of violence comes after an attack that allowed the jihadists to retake an old air base captured by the Syrian army a few days ago, according to sources close to Damascus. With this development on the ground, the front lines are back to what they were before the offensives launched earlier this week , for which the government troops had progressed.

The cease-fire still in force

This escalation is unprecedented since the conclusion of a truce under the auspices of Russia on August 31, after four months of offensive Syrian army.

The fighting on Saturday was deadly and violent, but was limited to part of the front, southeast of Idleb. The ceasefire is therefore still in effect, at least in theory .

The Battle of Idleb, which has been intermittently continuing since August 31, has already claimed 4,900 lives, including 1,250 civilians, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. This UK-based NGO reports the deaths of 320 children during this period.

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