Tuesday's friendly economy, Kwon Ae-ri reporter. Reporter Kwon, today (3rd) You already have a year-end settlement, you can prepare the documents next year, but there are some things to check beforehand this year?


Yes. Before the end of this year, I'm going to share it a few more times. Today, let's take a look at how to use a credit card and a check card for the next month and get a penny back.

Card deduction is the largest amount of money we get back in the year-end settlement. In short, when my family, who don't have much income from me, spends more than 25% of my money, the income deduction is over 25%. It is.

In this case, the card means not only a credit card but also a check card and a cash receipt.

First, let me summarize how the income deduction rate differs depending on how I spend my money and where I spent it.

The credit card income deduction rate is 15%. Check cards and cash receipts are 30%, and this is only for people who earn less than 70 million won a year. There's also a 30% deduction for cultural expenses spent buying books and visiting places like performances, museums and galleries. .

Finally, you can get a 40% deduction if you prove your spending on traditional markets and public transport.


Since the deduction rate is twice as large, cash and check cards are much better for year-end settlement. I think everyone knows that.


Yes. By the way. At the end of the year, but as a whole, when I think of how to use the card to the best benefit, cash cards are not the answer.

I told you at first, you have to spend at least 25% of what you earn to earn income deductions.

By the way, there are some discounts or mileage accumulated by merchants that are not good at check cards. Credit cards are better than check cards until you spend 25% of your gross salary.

We recommend that you use the year-end settlement preview service from 30th of last month. You can enter Home Tax in the portal search box, or enter the address of the subtitle now. Even if you are not registered, you can easily enter as a non-member if the accredited certificate is laid.

Here you can see my total salary as of last year. From January to September this year, you can see at a glance.

October and November are missing, but it's my money and since it's recent, I'm guessing this adds up. Looking at the money I've spent this year, it's well below 25% of my gross salary, so it's better to continue using my credit card in December with credit card benefits. I don't have any money deducted anyway.

By the way, 25 percent will kick in soon, or it will start to roll over, and in December, using a cash card to double your income deduction would be more than a good credit card discount.


On the contrary, even if you spend a lot of money, check card can be advantageous?


Yes. Using the cards organized by the Financial Supervisory Service I'll show you how to do it for me.

It could be up to 25% of your gross salary, so it's better to use a credit card. I've been using check cards since the amount I spend this year exceeds 25 percent of my gross salary.

And if you've been married, have had a lot of money, or if you have a lot of families, you might have spent your money on the income deduction limit.

Income deductions are not limitless, for example, those with a total salary of less than 70 million won are the lesser of 20% of their salary and 3 million won. The gross salary ranges from 70 million won to 120 million won, with 2.5 million won and more than 2 million won.

If you turn this over, you'll have to use your cash card and come back to your credit card. No matter how much you spend, you don't deduct more.

And there's another income deduction based on what I've shown you earlier, money spent on public transportation, traditional markets, and cultural expenses for people with a total salary of less than 70 million won.

Whatever the means of payment, it can be deducted as such and deducted by this amount in duplicate. So I have a total salary of less than 70 million won, and in theory I can deduct up to 6 million won.

I hope you remember this, and I'll tell you a little bit about this year's end-of-year settlement tips this month.