The Central Netherlands police, the NVWA and the Functional Public Prosecutor attacked six locations on Tuesday because of a major investigation into the possible illegal import of timber. This "bad wood", as the police call it, comes from Myanmar and is brought to the Netherlands via the Czech Republic.

In the case of raids in Noord-Holland, Utrecht and Gelderland, in addition to large quantities of wood, administration and data carriers were seized. "We suspect the companies involved that they deliberately circumvent the rules to still trade this wood within the Netherlands," writes Detective Arno Paas.

Importing the wood without proper certification is prohibited by the European Union because it may come from illegal logging. Myanmar does not provide information about the origin of the wood, so it is not possible to check whether the wood has been legally harvested. Import of wood from this country is therefore prohibited.

The 'bad wood' is high-quality teak wood. According to the police, this precious wood is mainly used for the decking of luxury yachts.