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Atresmedia has closed its second worst trading day of this year. The exit of the shareholders of Mediapro, the production company led by Jaume Roures, has caused a striking fall in the audiovisual operator that includes channels such as Antena 3 and La Sexta. The media group has collapsed 6.17% on Tuesday, an unprecedented decline since January.

Imagina, the Mediapro group, has achieved a total of 25,337,638.80 euros for the 3.11% that was left in the operator. Although the Atresmedia share was worth around 3.9 euros at the end of Monday, the block sale was carried out at a cheaper price of 3.6. This Tuesday the price has dropped precisely to that figure of 3.6 euros per title

According to EL MUNDO sources, the shares will become part of different international investment funds .

Meanwhile, Roures and the producer of which he is a reference partner, Mediapro, leave Atresmedia. Mediapro (Imagine), of Catalan origin although currently with a majority of Chinese capital, leaves an operator that was linked since the merger of Antena 3 and La Sexta , the latter chain to which Roures contributed to launch.

The Barcelona-based production company had 7% of Atresmedia, but it had gotten rid of more than half of that package. In recent weeks, the divestment has accelerated : first with the sale of 1%, which has gone to the BlackRock fund , and this week with the final exit, by placing the remaining 3.1%.

The express sale of shares has impaired the performance of the Atresmedia Stock Exchange, which in recent years has seen its price decrease progressively, as has happened to other European open audiovisual audiovisual operators.

Mediaset Spain, meanwhile, has launched a merger with its Italian parent company to create a pan-European holding company , although the operation has not prospered due to the clash between the two main shareholders, Fininvest, of the Berlusconi family, and the company of French media Vivendi.

When Imagina had 7% of Atresmedia, he had two members on the board of directors of the television operator: José Miguel Contreras, one of the founders of La Sexta, and Tatxo Benet, inseparable from Roures in his business activities.

Apart from 53.5% of Orient Hontai Capital in Imagina, Roures and Benet each have 12% of the production company, in addition to the executive branch in decision making.

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