Shell did not pay corporate income tax in the Netherlands between 2014 and 2018, but did receive 10 million euros in government subsidies, according to an analysis by RTL Z on Friday.

The oil and gas giant not only received millions to compensate for the high energy bill, but also received subsidies for environmentally friendly initiatives.

Last year, for example, the group received 97,420 euros from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate for a CO2 capture and storage project. Shell also received 900,000 euros for the construction of hydrogen stations.

The Anglo-Dutch company achieved a profit of 20.3 billion euros in 2018. In the same year, the company paid $ 10.1 billion in corporate income tax in 22 countries worldwide. Half of the amount went to Norway, Nigeria and Oman.

The Netherlands received nothing because the oil company makes clever use of the tax rules. For example, not Shell, but subsidiary NAM gets the gas out of the ground.