The first 500 dwellings concerned by this measure, intended to help modest families gain access to property in the capital, will be built by 2022 in the 13th, 14th, 18th and 20th districts of Paris.

Ian Brossat, Deputy (PCF) Housing to the Mayor of Paris, reveals in an interview at the Journal du Dimanche the five sites where will be built apartments sold to the middle class, about 5,000 euros per square meter for a period of 99 years. During a vote in the Paris Council in July, the City of Paris had signed the creation of a new body, the Foncière de la Ville de Paris, which associates it with its social landlords, with the aim of selling property , two times cheaper than the prices applied on the real estate market, by separating the land from the building.

"Today, when you buy - very expensive - an apartment, you become the owner of both the floor and the walls.The idea is to acquire only the building, for a period of ninety-nine years, the land remains the property of the City ", explains Ian Brossat at the JDD . The first 500 dwellings, whose delivery is planned for 2022, will be built in "the Bédier-Oudiné ZAC (XIII), the ZAC Saint-Vincent-de-Paul (XIV), the Croisset islet (XVIII), the ZAC Station Mines (eighteenth) and ZAC Python-Duvernois (twentieth), "said in this interview the former communist candidate for European elections, while announcing that" two other sites are under consideration, for 150 additional housing ".

Three to four room apartments for modest families

The buyer can do "work like any owner," assures the elected communist, but he will pay a rent of 2 euros per square meter per month, and "in case of resale, the property will buy the apartment at a price revised according to inflation, but disconnected from the real estate market ". "The seller will not lose money but will not win either," warns the deputy.

These units, which will have "three to four rooms" will be reserved for families with modest incomes (for the moment, capped at 4,500 euros net monthly for a couple with a child and 5,000 euros net for a couple with two children), selected by a commission on the basis of multiple criteria, including having "a connection with Paris", living or working there, and "leaving social housing". The City of Paris pays a subsidy of 15 million euros to finance these first 500 homes built on land that belong to it.