Panasonic to withdraw from thin panel production on November 21 18:44

Panasonic has announced it will end the production of a liquid crystal panel to the prospect of the 2021 year. This will completely withdraw from production of plasma, liquid crystal and thin display panels.

Panasonic produces liquid crystal panels used in medical equipment and car navigation systems at the Himeji Factory in Hyogo Prefecture.

But while foreign manufacturers to compete to sell the low price of the product, the end of the production of a liquid crystal panel of sluggish sales because it was stuck to the high-quality products, from the fact that profitability has deteriorated, at the factory to the prospect of the 2021 Decided to do.

The Himeji Factory also produces lithium-ion batteries for use in electric vehicles, but this business is expected to continue.

The policy is to relocate about 500 employees in the LCD panel production business within the group.

In the field of flat-screen TVs, Panasonic once focused on the development and production of plasma TVs, but lost the market share with LCD TVs and ended production of plasma panels in 2013.

In 2016, it also withdrew from the production of LCD panels for TV, and Panasonic will withdraw completely from the production of thin display panels.