The German publisher of the co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, Roger Hallam, has told the ZEIT to refrain from publishing his new book. The reason for this called representatives of Ullstein book publishers, the statements that Hallam had made in a conversation with the ZEIT. Among other things, he said that the Holocaust is just another fuckery in human history , just another historic shit.

The book called Common Sense. The nonviolent rebellion against the climate catastrophe and for the survival of mankind should be on 26.11. come to the German bookstores.

Hallam also criticized the Federal Republic's handling of the Holocaust in a conversation with DIE ZEIT. "The extent of this trauma can paralyze," Hallam said, "that prevents you from learning."

The encounter with Roger Hallam can be read from this Thursday at the kiosk in the new issue of ZEIT - or online here.