The Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate has arrested five people in a criminal investigation into unemployment benefit benefits and searched three office buildings, the inspection reports Wednesday. The individuals are suspected of acting as intermediaries to assist Polish labor migrants in obtaining and retaining unemployment benefits. The five are suspected of forgery.

The inspection writes that the so-called benefit claimants do not live in the Netherlands, but in Poland. They do this without informing the UWV, as a result of which people are not entitled to unemployment benefits.

With regard to the arrests and searches, seizures were made of, among other things, the administration, computers and a car of the suspects. In addition, a gas gun was found in one of the homes and an imitation weapon in another.

The arrests were made in Noordwijk, Dongen, Raalte, Dordrecht and Rotterdam. Office buildings were searched in the municipalities of Leiden, Rotterdam and Zwolle.

A previous criminal investigation by the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate already led to a conviction of two intermediaries in January 2018 for committing criminal offenses, including forgery of documents.