The Board of Directors of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) has approved an unusual statement calling on the PSOE and political parties in general, the formation of an alternative government to Podemos for the interest of Spain and its economy. Both CEOE and CEPYME subscribe, without mentioning Podemos, that moderate covenant options are sought. "Negotiations for the formation of government should be approached with a sense of state and putting the respect and compliance of the constitutional framework with particular interests." Highlights "the need to explore government options that guarantee political stability and moderation, so necessary for confidence in the country, and to consolidate the economic recovery and the creation of opportunities"

For the organization chaired by the Basque Antonio Garamendi, "40 years of progress and social peace are at stake." The statement does not mention the name of the President of the Government in office and current Secretary General of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez.

Consequently, "CEOE calls the responsibility of the parties to address future challenges, from budgetary rigor and without delving into the economic slowdown."

One of the aspects of the pre-agreement between PSOE and Podemos that most worries the employer is the one related to raising the fiscal pressure. "Fiscal policy must help the competitiveness of companies, their internationalization and innovation and, above all, favor the creation of employment, which is the necessary condition for the maintenance of the Welfare State."

"It is essential a stable and moderate government, which promotes state pacts on reforms that cannot be postponed."

CEOE also claims the importance of social dialogue as a channel of the interests of companies and workers and guarantee of social welfare.

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