Beaujolais Nouveau lifted banned on EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement November 21 7:19


The sale of the new French wine, Beaujolais Nouveau, was lifted on the 21st. Japan and the EU = European Union's EPA = Economic partnership agreement has taken effect and the tariffs on wine have been abolished.

Sales of the Beaujolais Nouveau were lifted on the 21st, and at AEON, a major distribution company, after midnight, about 300 people gathered and gathered at a store in Narashino City, Chiba to celebrate the ban and toasted wine. Was buying.

The EPA = Economic Partnership Agreement between Japan and the EU came into effect in February. Both bottles contain 750 ml, and the maximum tariff of about 94 yen for wine and 137 yen for sparkling wine has been eliminated.

AEON sells 18 types at approximately 5,000 stores nationwide, but the price of wine has been reduced by 50 to 90 yen.

In addition, the 10% tax rate will be applied when the consumption tax rate is raised in October, but the price reduction due to the elimination of tariffs is larger than the price increase due to the tax increase.

A 33-year-old woman said, “It was fresh and easy to drink, and I think I will drink a lot because it is cheap.”

Osamu Kato, General Manager of Wine Business Division of AEON Liquor, said, “It was a difficult year to make grapes because of bad weather, but there are so many unique and delicious things, so please enjoy it casually.” Talking