Christmas is coming, and the sectors that make a large part of their turnover at the end of the year are already on the warpath. Toy stores, in particular, are in the midst of recruiting their seasonal salespeople.


The holidays are approaching and with them the promise of sales rising for toy stores. In order to better manage the influx of consumers, they recruit seasonal workers in number. This is the case, for example, of La Grande Récré, whose numbers will swell by one-third during this crucial period that starts in mid-November and runs until the 1st of the year.

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We do not improvise salesman, we must know his toys

With his red and blue jacket and badge, nothing distinguishes Hugo from the rest of the team. Still, he is not yet titled salesman. Until then, he has been immersed for two weeks in this store La Grande Récré in the center of Paris: "We do not improvise salesman, we must know his toys! I take the step slowly but I get out. "

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The customer does not have to differentiate between a vendor on a permanent contract and a seasonal one

There was a bit of theory, with videos, and very quickly, Hugo went to practice, under the watchful eye of his tutor: "From time to time, I address the customers with closed questions that incite to "no" and it is better to avoid It is easier when we are guided by a tutor who explains us what to say, when to say it and how to say it! "Hugo recognizes.

This year, 615 seasonal salespeople will reinforce La Grande Récré's workforce throughout France. Some are regulars and for them, the reflexes come back quickly. The vast majority, however, is made up of newcomers who must be trained, says Mourad Safir, director of sales in Paris. "Seasonal workers must have the same quality of service as a salesman at La Grande Récré, which is why we put a lot of resources into training new employees." The customer must not make the difference between a salesman on a permanent contract and a seasonal one. "

Every year, says Mourad Safir, 15% of the seasonal workers of La Grande Récré gear up on a permanent contract.